Glen Frey Tribute video
​"Take It Easy"

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Bryan Adams

"Summer of '69"

The Beatles "Get Back"
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The Beatles "Get Back"
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"Sweet Emotion"

Bob Dylan

"Like A Rolling Stone"

Pink Floyd "Money"
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Narrator Kelli Gates is the former
co-host of the Mark and Brian
show at KLOS, Los Angeles

Narrator and producer Jeff Davis is a
national voice-over talent and
copy writer

Creative director Albert Perrotta is a
former writer for Premiere Radio Networks
and Freelance writer for Jay Leno

Meet The Rockbook Co-founders

Creator Michael O'Shea is a 40-year
radio veteran of programming,
management and ownership

Eagles "Hotel California"
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"Rockbook" is a revenue/audience generator for stations airing Classic Rock, Classic Hits and Oldies formats. The Rockbook Staff has been researching, writing and producing 45-second "Every Song Has A Story" featurettes for over six years, and now you can benefit from our library of almost 300, soon to be 500 targeted Classic Rock, Classic Hits and Oldies iconic music titles.

  • Have you heard that during the Beatles recording session for "Get Back" Paul McCartney was glaring at Yoko Ono while he sang the lines "...get back, get back to where you once belonged"?

  • Do you know what the lyrics to the Eagles "Hotel California" are REALLY about?

  • Did you know that Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" was a put down song toward guitarist Joe Perry's groupie girlfriend...who later became his wife?

  • Did you know that the organ riff heard throughout Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" was
    added last minute by a studio guest who didn't know how to play the organ?

Well, Rockbook knows and tells dramatic, true and sometimes hysterical stories about the songs you’ve programmed thousands of times that your listeners will hear NOW as totally "fresh".

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